Our Initiatives

Our initiatives and projects span three key areas that we believe not only have very high impact potential but also propel and propagate sustained long-term (often generational) change in the family, community, and ultimately, the nation.

  • Educational Opportunity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Children’s Welfare

Below is a snapshot of some of the initiatives we have created and implemented, and the projects with which we are currently involved:

EdVentures helps East Africa’s most talented students, regardless of their economic circumstances, gain and exploit a unique competitive advantage to gain admission to the world’s most competitive universities, and achieve their full potential. We send East Africa’s finest to Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy Leagues, giving them the opportunity to train on the world’s best training grounds, to imbibe and embody global best practice and to use those tools to change the face of their home nations.

For more information on EdVentures, click here

Annual Christmas Children’s Drive

The Foundation, together with numerous benefactors, provide substantial funds, and in-kind necessities and services to Uganda’s underfunded homes and orphanages that cater for sick, orphaned and abandoned children as an appreciation of their tireless efforts and as support towards their overwhelming annual expenses. In 2011, the Foundation supported Sanyu Babies Home, providing not only a cash contribution but necessary in-kind items including feeding bottles, diapers, treated mosquito nets and children’s clothing. In addition to this ongoing annual partnership, the Foundation is expanding its drive to a children’s cancer home, not to mention other orphanages, in a bid to create and co-mentor a network of children’s homes.

For more information on the Damascus Foundation’s other initiatives, please email us at admin@damascusfoundation.com.

Partner with us!

Our model is very much one of partnership and we encourage co-sponsorship of any of our projects and initiatives. With our primary intention as creating the greatest impact we can, we encourage the participation of individuals and foundations in all our activities; historically, we have worked with a number of international philanthropies who are looking to fund high-impact projects in Uganda and looking to benefit from a local partner to ensure sustainability. If you would like to partner with us in any of our initiatives or activities, or simply would like assistance with your own social impact objectives in the region, please contact us at admin@damascusfoundation.com.

  • Our Work

    Damascus Foundation's inaugural Annual Christmas Children's Drive at Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala, Uganda

  • Partner with us

    Let's work together!
    If you would like to partner with us, email us at admin@damascusfoundation.com.