EdVentures goal is to be a gateway for East Africa’s most talented students to access the world’s best universities and education.

EdVentures assists with undergraduate and post-graduate university applications to the top-tier US and European universities. Our services to applicants include university introductions, essay and personal statement editing, scholarship access and applications and, above all, mentoring. Further, we serve the universities as well, building relationships with them to help decode and translate Uganda’s education, grading and school ranking system.

EdVentures has an 8-year 100% success track record of working on the applications and scholarship packages to numerous top schools including Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, Imperial, Leeds, Warwick, Brunel, Leicester, Sheffield and Reading to mention a few.

EdVentures helps East Africa’s most talented students, regardless of their economic circumstances, gain and exploit a unique competitive advantage to gain admission to the world’s most competitive universities, and achieve their full potential.

Scholarship for Exceptional Students’ Initiative: Embark on a transformational trajectory

EdVentures, under the sponsorship of the Damascus Foundation, provides its services for free to 15 exceptional UCE performers, 5 of whom are explicitly from economically disadvantaged backgrounds
The program places emphasis on providing opportunity to academically gifted students to achieve their potential on the world stage, and to return to accrue these benefits to Uganda:

  • Access to the highest quality education available in the world
  • Access to an unmatched peer network, and to the world’s centres of ideas and excellence, which they will leverage to Uganda’s advantage

Above all, the program seeks to impart a sense of leadership, transformational leadership, in its scholars – to impart the right skills, values and mindset to bring about transformational change. 


A Word from Our Founder

“Access to educational opportunities changed my life – I started EdVentures to do the same for others”

EdVentures is an innovative way to cost-effectively expand access for East Africa’s most talented students to the world’s premier universities. Our emphasis is on the creation of opportunity for the best-of-the-best. In my mind, the idea of our scholars going on to Harvard and Cambridge is the perfect accomplishment of our goal to transform Africa by creating exceptional and globally-competitive leaders, each a drop in the Nile, but one whose ripples will reverberate throughout it; leaders that will ultimately catalyse their communities and propel them out of the vicious cycle of poverty and underdevelopment.

And it is not a pipe-dream, EdVentures mirrors and institutionalises my own life-changing journey from a poorly-funded government secondary school in Uganda to walking the halls of Princeton as an undergraduate and excelling at the Harvard Business School. Having grown up in Uganda, and having been awarded an academic scholarship that fundamentally changed my life, this trajectory-changing and opportunity-creating initiative, as you can imagine, is close to my heart.

Regardless of your capacity, join EdVentures in helping East Africa’s most talented students to, in spite of their economic circumstances, take advantage of our unique competitive advantage to gain admission to the world’s most competitive universities, and achieve their full potential.

Founder, EdVentures 

  • A Life-Changing Opportunity

    EdVentures has an 8-year old 100% track record of sending East Africa's finest students to the world's most competitive universities, such as Cambridge and Harvard, and helping them thrive there.

    "Access to educational opportunity changed my life - I started EdVentures to do the same for others."